Season Sanction Sanction Request Due Event Event Info Events File Event Start Event End Location TM Results PDF Results HTML Results Meet Director Referee Notes
  Florida   6th Annual Black Heritage Championship Meet 05/24/2008 05/25/2008 Orlando YMCA Kathy Cooper  
    2009 Short Course Junior Nationals 12/10/2009 12/12/2009 Ohio State University  
    2009 Short Course Nationals 12/03/2009 12/05/2009 Federal Way, WA  
  NC12106   2012 Nomad Aquatics 10 & Under Meet 10/06/2012 10/06/2012 Nomad Aquatic Center, Huntersville, NC Missy Hubbard  
  NC12104   2012 GYW Haunted Hat Meet 10/27/2012 10/27/2012 Gateway YWCA, Winston-Salem NC Alex Black  
  Cancelled   Nomad 10 & Under Meet 01/26/2013 01/26/2013 Nomad Aquatic Center Missy Hubbard  
  CANCELLED   SwimMAC Intrasquad 03/15/2014 03/15/2014 Charlotte Latin School Terry Fritch  
  CANCELLED   NMA Dual Meet 01/03/2015 01/03/2015 Nomad Aquatic Center Missy Hubbard  
  CANCELLED   SwimMAC 10 & Under Closed 01/24/2015 01/24/2015 Charlotte Latin School, Charlotte, NC Sarah Holman  
  CANCELLED   YBAC Quad Meet 01/25/2015 01/25/2015 Maynard Aquatic Center, Burlington, NC David McDevitt  
  Sanctioned by Indiana Swimming   2014 YMCA National LC Championships 06/28/2014 08/01/2014 Indiana University Natatorium, Indianapolis, IN  
  Sanctioned by Georgia Swimming   2015 ESSZ Age Group Sectional Meet 03/12/2015 03/15/2015 Georgia Tech Aquatic Center, Atlanta, GA  
  Sanctioned by USA Swimming   2015 SwimMAC Charlotte Arena Pro Series 05/14/2015 05/17/2015 Mecklenburg County Aquatic Center, Charlotte, NC  
  CANCELLED   GYW BRSL Closed Quad Meet 10/24/2015 10/24/2015 Gateway YWCA, Winston-Salem, NC Alex Black  
  CANCELLED   ASC Dual-Tri Meet 03/19/2016 03/19/2016 Asheville School, Asheville, NC Alan Barry  
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